Meet the Founder

I help entrepreneurs and busy professionals level up their health to show up as the BEST version of themselves in ALL aspects of their life!

My Story


I'm Jen, and I'm so glad you are here!


I was born and raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan and earned my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Oakland University. 
I obtained my Masters of Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from South University in 2016. 
As early as 4 years old I knew that I wanted pursue medicine to help people. My healthcare journey started 22 years ago as a pharmacy technician, to ER nurse, to family nurse practitioner, then to corporate healthcare executive. I practiced in orthopedics, spine, pain management, surgery, and regenerative medicine. I loved what  did and was always looking for ways to have a greater impact helping more people.



Just a couple of years ago, I found myself at the peak of my professional career, yet my personal health was plummeting. As someone who had always been labeled a "high achiever," I was so busy ticking all the boxes that I had neglected the most critical one‚ÄĒmy own health.

Like many of you, I was silently battling low energy, brain fog, troublesome gut issues, hormonal imbalances, and the heavy weight of depression. It felt like I was drowning in a sea of symptoms, struggling to stay afloat. When I went to see my doctor, the solution offered was pills, long-term medications to merely manage the symptoms.

Then my son, once a high school athlete and honor student, was suddenly confined to his bed by daily, excruciating migraines, dizziness, and relentless fatigue. After multiple hospital visits and tests, a parade of specialists, countless prescription medications, and still, we were left with more questions than answers. It was a nightmare.

Desperate for a glimmer of hope, I turned to holistic and functional healthcare methods. We consulted with a few functional medicine providers, each offering their own cookie-cutter solutions in the form of elimination diets or supplements. But there was still a void, a missing piece of the puzzle that we so desperately needed.

And so, I embarked on a quest for answers. I immersed myself in research. I earned certifications in functional nutrition, functional medicine, and achieved the status of a Level 2 Restorative Wellness Practitioner.

This journey wasn't just about my own transformation; it was a deep dive into the realm of healing, driven by a mother's love and the determination to find answers not only for myself but for my son as well.

But Then Everything Changed...


Finally, my son and I found healing in the root cause approach of functional medicine and nutrition.

Personalized Protocols: The journey to wellness began with personalized protocols designed to address the very roots of our issues‚ÄĒgut healing, inflammation reduction, lifestyle adjustments, and tailored nutrition.

Balancing the Scales: Healing our gut was the linchpin. As we nurtured our digestive health, something remarkable happened. Our once tumultuous lives began to regain balance. Digestion became smooth, energy returned with a vibrant glow, food sensitivities began to wane, and our hormones found harmony once more.

 Now I'm able to use my experience to share with others...


Now, armed with the knowledge, experience, and unwavering hope that guided us through our own health journey, I stand here today, ready to extend that lifeline to you.

Your path to wellness starts here. Together, we'll unlock the transformative power of functional medicine and nutrition, and I'll be with you every step of the way.



    I can't wait to work with you!